By Shahed Nooshmand

Overcast’s latest beta update tells listeners which podcasts are tracking them

I wasn’t a beta tester and only installed the beta to try this out (I’m going back to using the release build afterwards).

It’s a neat feature. Most of the podcasts I listen to do not track and so they don’t show a notice. Those that do, e.g. The Vergecast, show a very nice notice that tells you which trackers are involved and what is it that they do.

It’s not as scary as some other places you might be tracked, and you can’t really do anything about it unless you’re super paranoid and stop listening to your favourite podcast because it uses LibSyn for hosting and stats:

You can’t opt out of this tracking, but the feature might at least make more people aware that it’s happening. Compared to web tracking, podcast ads are primitive. Even with these various services, most podcasters only know where their audience is based because of their IP address and what kind of device they use to access a show.

Nonetheless, it’s a nice addition and I’m glad it exists.

As a sidenote and because I’m only now paying attention to the beta, this release note from last build is quite something:

Removed payment button ("$" on now-playing screen) because nobody used it and it's not worth today's app-review risk

Where by “quite something” I mean “terrifyingly alarming”.