By Shahed Nooshmand

What’s around the corner for Medium

Ev Williams, Medium’s official blog:

We are now bringing back another option for portability — and brandability — namely, custom domains. Not that they ever went away entirely. Medium hosts tens of thousands of publications under their own domains. However, we paused setting up new ones a couple of years ago. Among other reasons, we needed to fix some cross-domain bugs and revamp our system for registering SSL certificates. We have now prioritized that work so that we can scalably offer custom domains again.

Custom domain support for web publishing tools is a must-have. It’s a good thing they brought it back. Still, nothing can truly replace a website you make yourself — it’s not gonna have a silly hex string at the end of each URL, that’s for sure.

Other changes to Medium include a new user interface with improved content discovery, an updated newsletter editor and more customisable profile pages.