By Shahed Nooshmand

Apple terminates Epic Games’ developer account

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Last night, Epic sent out emails to Fortnite players blaming the unavailability of the new season on Apple and claming that Apple is "blocking Fortnite" in order to prevent Epic Games from "passing on the savings from direct payments to players." Apple in turn has taken to featuring Fortnite competitor PUBG in its ‌App Store‌.

So Epic didn’t get to bypass the in-app purchase rules and got kicked out, but still got to keep the Unreal Engine going and is now showing Apple the finger, badmouthing them in emails to customers; meanwhile Apple didn’t get to force Epic to stay in the App Store and pay the 30 percent but at least Fortnite’s out and PUBG is still buddies with the App Store people so why not return the finger showing by promoting its direct rival?

Now that is funny.