By Shahed Nooshmand

Dieter Bohn on editing alarms in iOS

In the Clock app in iOS, if you want to edit an alarm you have to first tap the Edit button in the top left corner, and of course that infuriates Dieter. He wants to do it with just a tap on the alarm itself. Makes sense.

Before iOS 10, tapping anywhere in the World Clock view would switch between analogue and digital. With the iOS 10 update, Apple — alongside switching to a hideous new dark theme — removed the analogue clock. (From the iPhone World Clock view that is; the iPad still has the analogue clocks and the app icon is practically an analogue clock on both the iPad and the iPhone.)

It really makes sense to be able to edit an alarm by just tapping on it. Obviously that shouldn’t be the only way. The Edit button should still be present for discoverability. But the one-tap shourtcut is a reasonable feature to ask for.

Having said that, I’d still rather have the analogue clock.