By Shahed Nooshmand

Spotify’s «The Joe Rogan Experience»

Remember: “All podcasts are shows; not all shows are podcasts.”

Congratulations on the deal if it works out well, but this is a dick move. A software design aesthete, like yours truly if he says so himself, who might prefer a fine app such as Overcast, would have to put up with Spotify’s cruddy app and sign up for an account to listen to this so-called “podcast” and perhaps only this so-called “podcast”. Now, I never listened to the podcast to begin with and I certainly don’t plan on starting now, so all I have to put up with is Gruber’s take that:

If Howard Stern’s fans followed him to Sirius satellite radio — which at the time he made the move required not just a subscription to the service but dedicated hardware to receive the satellite transmission — it seems like a sure bet that most of Rogan’s fans will follow him to Spotify.

Tell me — am I a bad person for wishing that they won’t?