By Shahed Nooshmand

«The heavy truth about the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard»

Some people, for whatever reason, are trying to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to iPad keyboards. The fact that iPad itself is a lightweight machine — a Kryptonian baby, actually — has no effect on the laws of physics. You keep it naked, it’s lightweight. You want to add a good, stable keyboard? Sure, but you won’t be finding a zero-pound one of those any time soon. It will add some weight. Obviously.

Now Jason Snell is resolving this misunderstanding among other ones, so spot on, writing for Macworld:

I’ve seen a lot of criticism of the Magic Keyboard that seems to ignore the fact that Apple also still makes the Smart Keyboard Folio, a thinner, lighter, and cheaper—but more limited—product. Having seen the first hands-on reports about the Magic Keyboard, I’m not surprised at all that Apple chose to keep the Smart Keyboard Folio around. If you’re someone who likes to carry your iPad around with a keyboard attached, but doesn’t use the keyboard all that much, the Magic Keyboard is probably going to be overkill.

And that’s okay, just like it’s okay if you don’t buy an Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is a spectacular tool for some users, and a complete waste of money for others. This is where the iPad Pro is today. A core product surrounded by an array of optional accessories. If one of them doesn’t work for you, keep moving—there’s probably an alternative out there.

This is one of those good well don’t buy it then pieces of writing. No one seems to be complaining about how heavy their bag gets when carrying two laptops; (a) because no one is travelling around, everyone’s at home practising social distancing (No? Well, they should be.) and (b) because people seldom wish to carry two laptops as one seems sufficient. How is it that all of a sudden people start complaining about the presumably noticeable weight the Magic Keyboard will add to their everyday carry? I’m not telling anyone to pick between their “iPad laptop” and their “laptop laptop”. I’m just pointing out that 2 > 1 and there’s nothing wrong with it.