By Shahed Nooshmand

The “Clips” found on iOS 14 code

I never give a hoot about these “found on whatever-OS whatever-version code” stuff, and this one’s no different. Here are some of my opinions anyway:

I should add in the end that I am greatly annoyed by this whole idea. The reason I don’t have YouTube installed on my iPhone isn’t that I’m poor or that I want to keep the app count where it is so that the icons reach the end of the last row in the last home screen. No. I don’t have YouTube installed on my iPhone because YouTube’s iOS app sucks. Does it suck more than their mobile website? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. It certainly sucks enough that poor people like me are willing to live without it rather than with it and a new home screen that otherwise would not exist.

Now you’re telling me YouTube links are gonna open in a baby version of that same app? If the father is a green-faced, tornadic suit of a man, God alone knows what will come of his son.