By Shahed Nooshmand

Stephen Hackett’s bracket

I’m not very good at picking one of two things I like. One day, somebody asked me to pick between Superman and Spider-Man; I took so long to think, they left the room.

But looking at these brackets, I might just pick the Titanium PowerBook G4 too. I’ve always liked the look of it and the fact that it had black keys. The Aluminium PowerBooks are a step back in this regard, if you ask me. Nowadays, the whole computer industry seems lost — if only for the non-black key caps.

And boy, you oughta love the back ports.

Still, you could ask me tomorrow and I might give you a different answer. So rationally, I am going to say that my favourite Mac is my own — a 2018 MacBook Air — which isn’t included in the brackets.

And no, I have not yet made up my mind on Superman vs Spider-Man.