By Shahed Nooshmand

«How to correctly use a computer»

This has to be the best ad I’ve seen in a while. Clever and on point.

What is the point of this ad, though? It sure seems like Apple is out of its mind, dissing every “computer” — including the new MacBook Air that was announced on the very same day — and saying how the iPad Pro outperforms it and all that. Yes. And it makes total sense.

The whole theme of this ad is modern vs traditional computing. The iPad is clearly modern, and the Mac is clearly traditional, and there’s room for both. After all, this ad won’t change abyone’s mind about computers. A traditional user, i.e. a user who’s already voluntarily using a “computer”, will not be tempted to buy an iPad instead of a Mac (or whatever other computer). Where the iPad shines is (dare I say) modern computing, i.e. it targets non-traditional users.

Take the “treat your computer with respect” part of the video for example. I can’t imagine the person drawing on the iPad ever doing that either on or to a Mac. I can’t picture ’em doing that to a Cintiq, either. Both the iPad and the Mac are worthy of respect, sure, but iPad is the only one that doesn’t need it. Mac is scary, iPad isn’t.

Also, this ad never conveyed to me once that there’s anything wrong with a traditional computer. If anything, this ad tells me there are two correct ways to use a computer. I would buy the new MacBook Air even if all they advertised it with was a black screen saying “It runs BBEdit.” (Well, actually, I wouldn’t buy the new MacBook Air because I already have the old one and am writing on it right now — in BBEdit.) And maybe I would buy the new iPad Pro if it ran BBEdit, but that won’t make me a modern user. And that is the point of this ad: it’s not so much about the computer or even the user as it is about the use and the “how to”; and for the modern user, the iPad is more useful.